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It's your time to experience luxury like never before.

Control your luxury from around the world.

Exclusively from Millennium Luxury Coaches, iControl revolutionizes the way you interact with your coach.Through intuitive programming, iControl allows you to easily operate all of the coaches systems from one device, as well as automatically carrying out your commands based on custom presets and parameters.
Temperature Control
From any Apple or Android device you can check the on board temperature and start an addi onal A/C unit to cool things down on a hot day. The coach will notifiy you if the temperature exceeds your desired temperature.
Email Updates
We don’t just build luxurious coaches, we build smart coaches. You can get custom email updates from your coach about tempeture, battery level, energy usage, and much more!
Power Level Monitoring
You’ll never feel powerless again. Millennium’s proprietary electrical system supplies 14,00 Watts of power for all coach systems, eliminatng the need to pick and choose what you can use at once and with iControl, monitoring all that power has never been easier.
24/7 On-Call Maintenance
Our service guarantee means that you can rest assured that after the sale we’ll still be there for you. You can count on us to provide additional services and technical support. Our 24 hour hotline is always available for after-hours technical support or for questions while you’re on the road.

More than a “Smart Coach,” iControl give you real time, two-way communication with all onboard systems allowing you to monitor and control your coach remotely from any internet connected device.

In-house craftsmanship.

Custom Cabinetry
Custom Counter Tops
Custom Fabricated Tile